‚Complex geometry‘, ‚Wall thickness rise‘, ‘Multiple film technique’, ‘Machining allowance’, ‘Measures against scattered radiation’: These are terms that you will hear in our company time and again, whilst we are engaged in our specialty - the testing of castings.

Castings impose much more challenging requirements on the testing personnel than the more widespread inspection of welds. Some of our personnel have gathered decades of daily experience in radiography on castings – regardless of which standard is being applied, e.g. EN 12681, ASME Code, RCC-M or specific factory standards. Our expertise is in demand right across the sector, e.g. in standardization projects.

Here we test pretty much everything that can be cast: from turbine blades to valve housings and crankcases of marine engines to wheels used in motor racing.


Gesellschaft für Radiographie mbH

Gesellschaft für Radiographie mbH
Am Walzwerk 41
45527 Hattingen

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